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Dust is a modern du

Dust is a modern version of the du utility which provides information about the amount of disk space occupied by files and folders. The utility is written in Rust, which is why it is called du + Rust = Dust.

Dust is designed to give you an instant overview of which directories are using disk space.

Dust will display a list of the largest subdirectories or files, with the largest subdirectories highlighted.

Installing dust

Dust supports Linux/Mac/Windows operating systems.

To install the dust in MacOS, run the command

brew install dust

Installing with Homebrew on Linux

brew tap tgotwig/linux-dust && brew install dust

Installation via Pacstall in Debian/Ubuntu

pacstall -I dust-bin

Debian/Ubuntu deb-get installation

deb-get install du-dust

Installing from Linux/Mac source code

Downloading the latest release

tar -xvf _downloaded_file.tar.gz
sudo mv dust /usr/local/bin/

Installing dust in Windows

The installation file is available in the releases section