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Top 10 self-hosted apps 2023

Selfhosted applications are solutions that you can install and use on your local server or in the cloud. They allow you full control over your data and applications, and provide a higher level of security and privacy. They also provide greater flexibility in customizing and adapting applications to your needs.

In this article we will present 10 most popular self-hosted solutions in 2023, which can be useful for both individual users and businesses.


#1 Nextcloud

Nextcloud – A powerful cloud platform that lets you store and access your files, contacts, calendars and more. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, Nextcloud is a popular choice for both individuals and businesses.

Official website www.nextcloud.com

#2 Bitwarden

Bitwarden – A secure and easy-to-use password manager for individuals and teams. With Bitwarden you can easily store and access all your passwords and other sensitive information across devices and platforms.

Installation instructions

Official website www.bitwarden.com

#3 Ghost

Ghost – A simple but powerful blogging platform that makes it easy to create and publish content. With its minimalist design and intuitive interface, Ghost is a popular choice for bloggers and publishers who need a clean, uncluttered writing environment.

Official website www.ghost.org

#4 Matomo

Matomo – A comprehensive web analytics tool that gives you full control over your data and output. Unlike Google Analytics, Matomo is completely self-hosted, which means you own and control your data.

Official website www.matomo.org

#5 Grafana

Grafana – A customizable dashboard and analytics platform that lets you visualize and track your data in real time. With a wide range of plugins and integrations, Grafana is a popular choice for individuals and businesses who need to track multiple data sources.

Setup Instructions

Official website www.grafana.com

#6 Plex

Plex is a media server that lets you stream your media library to any device. With its intuitive interface and wide range of features, Plex is a popular choice for anyone who wants easy access to their media anywhere.

Official website www.plex.tv

#7 Gitea

Gitea – is a self-managed Git service that makes it easy to manage and collaborate on code repositories. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, Gitea is popular with developers and teams who need a secure and self-managed solution for hosting their code.

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Installation instructions

Official website www.gitea.io

#8 BookStack

BookStack – is a simple but powerful wiki creation software that makes it easy to organize and share information. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use features, BookStack is popular with individuals and teams who need to collaborate on documentation and share knowledge.

Official website www.bookstackapp.com

#9 Home Assistant

Home Assistant – is an open-source home automation platform that allows you to control and automate devices in your home. With a wide range of integrations and customizable features, Home Assistant is a popular choice for those who want to create a smart home system.

Official website www.home-assistant.io

#10 Odoo

Odoo – is a comprehensive suite of business applications including CRM, inventory management, accounting and more. Thanks to its modular design and customizable features, Odoo is a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses that need a flexible and cost-effective ERP system.

Official website www.odoo.com


Self-hosted applications are becoming increasingly popular among those who want to control their data and keep it secure. They also offer more flexibility and customizability than cloud-based solutions. This article presented the top 10 self-hosted applications, including password management, file storage, project management and others. Choosing a specific application depends on individual needs and level of technical readiness, but overall these solutions are a great choice for those looking for security and flexibility in their applications.